Hair fall is a vast spread complication among the people in and around Hyderabad. Many people are experiencing massive hair loss these days. The reason for enormous hair fall can be any of the followings-
• Hormonal imbalance
• Family trend
• High level of stress and unhealthy lifestyle
• Deficiency of proper nutrition can also be a reason
• Androgenetic Alopecia
Thinning of hair density and bald patches on your scalp can be a few of the symptoms of massive hair loss.
We generally offer a hair transplant in Hyderabad to treat this complication. The hair transplant cost in Hyderabad at our clinic is affordable for everyone.


Patient Review

  • Name: Mr. Lakshman
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male


  • Gradual thinning of hair on the top of the head (crown region) and bald spot.

Tests Performed

  • Physical examination, including a blood test.


Upon having the physical examination, patient’s health history, and genetic history, our doctor has recognized the complication to be Androgenetic Alopecia.



Follicular Unit Excision hair transplant surgery with 3000 hair grafts implantation. For level 3 hair loss.


Detailed Description

Dr. Harikiran diagnosed the condition of the patient and found it to be Androgenetic Alopecia. He advised Mr. Lakshman to avail the FUE hair transplant treatment. Here DR. Harikiran explained all the related aspects of FUE hair transplant surgery to the patient.
After comparing the treatment’s risk factors and effectiveness, Mr. Lakshman agreed to avail of the treatment. Hence, our doctor proceeded with the FUE hair transplant surgery.


Post Treatment Guidelines

Dr. Harikiran provided the post-treatment guidelines for Mr. Lakshman as well.
He suggested few things to perform like,
• Maintaining physical distance to avoid any unwanted injury.
• Wearing protection to shield from heat and dust.
• Using prescribed medication regularly.
• Taking rest for a couple of days.

The suggested don’ts are like,
• Avoiding smoking tobacco after hair transplants because it affects hair growth.
• Not scratching or disturbing or pulling the hairs that are transplanted.
• Avoiding alcohol consumption for at least one week.
• Avoiding heavy work, weightlifting exercises, swimming, strenuous workouts.


Patient Feedback

Mr. Lakshman had an excellent overall experience. Dr. Harikiran and his staff are very professional and comfortable. He has even noticed that the people at the clinic are very welcoming and helped him answer all his questions without any hesitation.


Before and After photos of Mr. Lakshman