Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

ReDefine Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most-desirable and elegant eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad. Among all our treatments, an eyebrow transplant is one of the most influential and prevalent procedures. It gives you aesthetically beautiful and natural eyebrows as per your wish.

One of our prominent facial features is the eyebrows. Eyebrows give a unique appearance to our personality, especially if maintained well. Unfortunately, many fail to get eyebrows right and start losing for some of the primary reasons, including:

  • Alopecia Aerate
  • Burns
  • Infections
  • Over Plucking
  • Tattoos
  • Thyroid or Systemic Disease
Eyebrow Transplant

If you face an eyebrow losing issue, then it’s time you visit the best hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad. Eyebrow restoration is available for patients who face this issue and is similar to the hair transplantation process performed on the scalp.

It is a permanent solution undertaken by professional surgeons using modern treatment techniques. Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre is one such treatment clinic that offers complete eyebrow Hair Transplant in Hyderabad.

What is the eyebrow Transplant Cost in Hyderabad?

The eyebrow hair transplant cost in Hyderabad varies based on individual conditions. The number of hairs per follicle is usually sufficient so that the implantation of the eyebrows does not require many strands. However, transplants can be expensive if you need too many hair follicles. The cost of per hair follicle ranges between Rs. 40 to Rs. 80 depending in the method on the method of hair transplant and the health and donor areas of the follicles.

Now, let’s know,

The Actual Process of Eyebrow Transplantation Technique

The technique of eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad is similar to the FUE hair transplant procedure.

First, we outline your desired eyebrow shape. We take the grafts from the hair above your ears or back of the scalp under local anaesthesia. Then, implant them into your bald or thin eyebrow area.We maintain the proper and natural shape of your eyebrows. The shape of your eyebrows is slightly upwards and has an angle, and then it comes down, and the tail is a little flatter. It is the most crucial part of the eyebrow transplant.

This natural direction of the eyebrows has to be maintained. While designing, our doctors are conscientious about giving the correct number of holes and in the right direction.

When the order and the hair angle are taken care of properly, you get an elegant natural look.

Generally, it requires two to three hours for implanting 200 to 300 hair grafts.

Eyebrow Transplantation Technique

Our Process of Eyebrow Transplantation Includes Four Significant Elements:

  • Only single hair is used during eyebrow transplantation and should not be any grafts consisting of multiple strands.
  • Every hair needs to be rotated to follow along with the eyebrow’s natural curve.
  • Transplanted hair needs to lay as flat to the surface of the skin as possible.
  • Our surgeons perform a grooming session after the eyebrow transplantation. Since the transplanted hair continues to grow, it needs frequent trimming.

Before you undergo the treatment, it is necessary to realize that hairs are taken from different body areas. So, the characteristics of the hair will be distinct compared to the previous eyebrows. In the initial year of the transplantation, there is an improvement in eyebrow appearance.

Our Approach
  • We undertake every transplantation process at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre carefully and only after proper examination to provide the most result-oriented eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad.
  • With our state-of-the-art lab and experienced surgeons, we ensure that every eyebrow transplantation work provides you with long-term effects without any side effects.

Precautions You Should Take When Undergoing Eyebrow Transplant:

I. Before Transplant-

  • Take prescribed vitamin-C regularly.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Stop using any blood-thinning agent.
  • Do not take caffeine on the day of the transplant.

II. After Transplant-

  • Avoid direct sun and heat exposure for a few days.
  • Take the prescribed medications.
  • Try to keep the treated area dry.
  • If you see any infection in the transplanted area, immediately consult your doctor.

Recovery After an Eyebrow Transplantation

  • The recovery duration for an eyebrow transplant is comparatively quick.
  • You’ll see some scabbing around the eyebrows within the first few days. You should not pick the scabs.
  • You should avoid strenuous exercise up to three weeks after the treatment.

Advantages of Undergoing an Eyebrow Transplant

  • Thick eyebrows
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Improved Facial Expression
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Hassle-free
  • A permanent solution
  • Hide scars and burn marks
  • Freedom from regular threading
  • Enhancement in overall shape and length
  • Extremely natural-looking results

Side-effects of An Eyebrow Transplant

  • It is a safe and painless treatment.
  • It is a surface procedure, as it doesn’t involve deep structure invasion.
  • Due to the vascular nature of the scalp and eyebrow region, infections are rare.
  • Some swelling may occur around the eyebrows for a day or two.

To understand more about our eyebrow transplantation process, connect with us and book an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results of eyebrow transplantation permanent?

The hair that grows from the transplanted follicle is permanent. The eyebrow hair will grow just like the scalp hair to lengths much longer than your existing brows. The transplanted hair needs grooming to maintain proper size and shape.

From where are the hairs taken for eyebrow transplant?

Typically, the hairs for eyebrow transplant are taken from the backside of your scalp or nape of the neck.

Is a bald spot visible in the donor region?

No. Around the third-fourth hair is taken from the donor area. Such a slight reduction in hair density will not be visible even if your hair is shorter.

How many hair follicles will I need for eyebrow transplantation?

For eyebrow transplant in Hyderabad, you may require anywhere from 50 to 250 hair grafts per brow. The number of hair follicles needed will depend on the shape, desired volume, and existing density.

Do I need to be asleep for an eyebrow transplant?

No. Patients are awake from the start to the end of eyebrow transplantation. A mild sedative is given before starting the procedure. There is no need for intravenous sedation.

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