Cryolipolysis Treatment in Hyderabad

Cryolipolysis or famously addressed as cryo lip is a scientific procedure of using extreme cold temperature to destroy the fat cells in the body specifically present in the inner part o thighs and abdomen. At Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre CRYO LIP done on the basis that fats cells are destroyed when exposed to cold temperature keeping the outer skin intact. We examine the patient well before going ahead with the treatment. This help us in getting right result post- treatment. We provides Cryolipolysis Treatment in Hyderabad.

Why go for CRYO LIP?

  • It is beneficial in the cases where sculpting and cut out of the localized fat cells present is required.
  • It is non invasive more effective and quicker in its action and more of target area oriented hence results are more specific than generalized.
  • Unlike laser, it destroys the fat cell permanently.
  • It is more painless cost and time effective and rather safest option available than any other surgical procedure used to reduce the fat.

Working of CRYO LIPO

Fatty cells are targeted with temperature as low up to minus seven degree Celsius and sucked up by the applicator where they are chilling of these cells until unless and the blood supply to the end and they die out.

  • In certain cases vacuum is also used to create the pressure and create the temperature over these fat cells.
  • Eventually, these crystallized cells die out and are eliminated from the body.
  • The whole procedure may take up to forty-five minutes and you might have a numb feeling sometimes after the procedure.
  • To seek the result one is advised to keep up with the sessions up till six weeks to three months.

Why get it done from our center

Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre believes in the customized personalized quality assured treatment where a special focus is given to every individual so that the results are as per choice and not generalised to all. The entire CRYO LIP treatment is done after explaining patient about the procedure, cost and post-treatment recovery list. This will help us in keeping things transparent.  So call now to know more about the Cryolipolysis Treatment in Hyderabad.