Dimple Creation In Hyderabad

Girls with dimples really look cute. Dimples create an interesting impression on a person’s face and make the face look lively. They enhance the overall facial appearance, particularly when the person is smiling. However, not every individual is lucky enough to get natural dimples on the face. One of the options for them is to undergo the dimple creation surgery that helps in getting dimples on the face. We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre conduct this surgery with systematic method and surgical procedure. Our surgeons carry specialized skills to use medical techniques and cosmetic procedures. We provides Dimple Creation In Hyderabad.

How Dimple Creation Procedure is evaluated?

During the consultation process, our surgeons will provide complete details about the dimple creation procedure. The surgeon will check the medical history to check if you are healthy enough to undergo the knife. The location, size, shape, and depth of the dimples are modified as per your requirement.

During the procedure, the surgeon will mark locations on two sides’ cheeks for dimples. Using of local anesthesia will help in keeping the cheek numb. We use modern tools to remove fat tissue that will help in keeping your skin intact. A dissolvable structure will be used to pull the bottom surface of the cheek together. The inside of the cheek is closed using this structure which will dissolve in few days. This will help in creating the concave look from outside of the cheek forming a dimple.

The entire surgery will take 30-60 minutes. Our surgeons will provide all the assistance before and after the surgery. After the surgery, there will be swelling for a few days, which will vanish eventually. You will be restricted to eat heavy food for few days. After 2-3 months of the surgery, you will witness dimples on your cheek.

Risk associated with Dimple Creation-

Dimple Creation surgery at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre is relatively safe. Our surgeons will ensure that the entire process is done safely. However, some potential complications are-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Dimple Asymmetry


Our Process-

We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre conduct a proper consultation with patients looking for Dimple Creation surgery. We provide complete information about the cost and procedure to ensure you are ready for the surgery.

Frequently Asked Question

A dimple not only gifts you a sweet and lovable smile but it also helps to give your face a good shape. People with heavier facial structure may opt for a Dimple Creation Surgery if they want to have trimmer and an elongated facial structure.
It is a day care procedure that does not require hospitalisation. It takes barely half an hour to finish. Mostly done under local anaesthesia, however in some cases general anaesthesia may be used. This procedure has no side effects or scarring.
However, in some rare cases, dimples may shallow away due to the breakage of the suture. This can be rectified through an easy procedure.
Anybody, who is an adult, can opt for dimple creation. However, like all the other cosmetic surgery, you need to consult a good plastic surgeon before you opt for the procedure.

To book an appointment or to know more about Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad, contact us today.

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