Ears problems are not be ignored as it is the most important part of the human beauty.  Everyone wants to have perfect ears. People have ear defects due to any injury or may be by birth. There are many techniques which help people in getting perfectly shaped ears.


What is Otoplasty?

The surgery which is done to change the position, dimensions, and contour of the ear is known as Otoplasty. The best age for this surgery is five but these days adults also have it for cosmetic purpose.


Types of Otoplasty

Ear Augmentation

if your pinna is absent or immature than you will undergo this type of ear Otoplasty surgery.


if your ear is flat, pulled back or bulging then you will undergo this type of ear Otoplasty surgery.

Ear Reduction

 if you have big ears and want to reduce the size of your ear then you can undergo this type of ear Otoplasty surgery.

Risks Involved In Otoplasty

  • You may have long-lasting scars behind your ear.
  • You ear might be unevenly placed and may require another surgery.
  • When you undergo Otoplasty the skin sensation in that area can temporarily or permanently get affected.
  • The affected area may get infected while removing the stiches.
  • It may also cause bleeding, infection, allergic reaction and an adverse anaesthesia reaction in some cases.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to remove the sutures during ear Otoplasty.


Precautions to Be Taken After Surgery

  • Do not touch and rub the ear in access.
  • If you have had a setback Otoplasty surgeries then wear a headband.
  • Don’t smoke during the recovery phase.
  • Be calm when you see fluid coming out of the ear, it is common after the surgery.
  • Don’t lie straight on the bed use a pillow to keep your head high.
  • Avoid continued exposure to extreme temperature conditions etc.

Our Approach

Our doctors at redefined plastic surgery & hair transplant believe in personalised approach towards our patients and understand that the surgery can be a scary approach for people and that is why we make sure that people understand all the necessary details that are involved with the process of Otoplasty including the costs involved, the possible risks, the methods, for the preparation of the surgery, and the result of the surgery.

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