Lip Micropigmentation in Hyderabad

Lip micropigmentation in Hyderabad is a popular treatment high in demand at our clinic, Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center. It offers permanent makeup for the lips, making them look fuller and more beautiful.

Lip micropigmentation is a non-surgical, innovative treatment that enhances the shape and color of your lips with a permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure. It intensifies your lip color, provides volume, and corrects the shape of your lips without using cosmetic surgery.

It is a perfect treatment for people who are conscious of their lips. Lipmicropigmentation in Hyderabadallows them to restore the symmetry and balance of the lips, camouflage the scars, and fill in the color of their choice.

Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center is an ultra-modern, award-winning clinic founded by the leading plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr.HarikiranChekuri.

Our clinic is a one-stop destination for all your skin and hair issues. Here, you are offered the latest cosmetic procedures, including tummy tuck, gynecomastia, buttock augmentation, rhinoplasty, etc.

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Read on to get complete information about lip micropigmentation in Hyderabad.

What can you expect during the consultation?

Our experienced plastic surgeon will examine your face and ask about your medical history and treatment expectations.

They will discuss with you and help you decide the best lip color, line, shape, and fullness to complement your features. We will schedule your procedure once you have zeroed in on the perfect lip look.

How is the lip micropigmentation procedure in Hyderabad performed?

Pre-procedure instructions

Below are a few recommendations that you need to follow before the procedure to optimize the result.

  • It is necessary to avoid sunburn, as surgery cannot be performed on a sunburned face. So, limit your time in the sun.
  • You cannot take ibuprofen, aspirin, or vitamin E at least a day before the surgery.
  • For around three days prior to the treatment, refrain from facial threading or waxing.
  • Two weeks before the lip micropigmentation procedure, do not undergo laser hair reduction.
  • Refrain from eating spicy food, having stimulating drinks, and using skincare products 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Use lip balm frequently for several days before the procedure to avoid excessive scabbing and dryness afterward.


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Before starting the procedure, the doctor will numb your lips with local anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort, as the lips are very sensitive.

The doctor will again confirm your desired lip color and shape with you. Then, he will outline the border of your lips and fill in the color of your choice using a special device.

Multiple layers of natural pigments are infused into your lips to achieve an even tone. Finally, a pigment mask is put on the skin to allow absorption.

Completing the lip micropigmentation procedure in Hyderabad takes around one to three hours. The doctor will prescribe skin ointment for quick recovery. After four to six weeks, you may need a touch-up to provide an even color and natural finish.

Lip micropigmentation healing process in Hyderabad

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  • It takes ten days for the wound to heal completely. You will notice redness and swelling after the surgery.
  • As the lips heal, scabs will form, appearing dry and chapped. Please do not pick the scabs as they may cause uneven skin tone and scarring.
  • Avoid intense exertion and exposure to direct sunlight for some weeks after your treatment.
  • If the color of your lip appears darker than your desired shade, do not worry, as you will see the result within a month.
  • Avoid excessive humidity and moisture, so refrain from swimming, steam, facials, saunas, etc. 
  • Itching is common, but do not scratch or rub as it will result in pigment loss. 
  • You will have to visit the clinic for a follow-up appointment so that we can monitor the progress and assess the result.
  • You may need a touch-up session to achieve your desired result.

What are the side effects of lip micropigmentation treatment?

Some side-effects of lip micropigmentation are:

Who is not an ideal candidate for lip micropigmentation?

Our specialists do not recommend lip micropigmentation in Hyderabad to:

  • People who are diabetic
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding women
  • If you have skin cancer or skin disorder such as eczema or psoriasis
  • You have a bleeding disorder
  • You have undergone wrinkle relaxer treatment in the past month
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation

What is the micropigmentation lips cost in Hyderabad?

The lip micropigmentation price at our clinic, Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center is affordable and within your reach.

The pricing depends on several factors, such as the total area of treatment, if the lips need correction, your skin type, the clinic’s reputation, and the doctor’s experience.

So, to know the actualmicropigmentation lips cost in Hyderabad, you will have to visit the clinic for consultation.

Why choose Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center for lip micropigmentation in Hyderabad

  • Our clinic is renowned for affordable, high-quality, result-oriented treatments and procedures.
  • We have a team of highly qualified plastic surgeons committed to exceptional patient care and professionalism.
  • Our hi-tech clinic is fitted with the latest medical equipment and technology to deliver excellent, consistent results
  • At Redefine, we adhere to stringent hygiene standards and use only organic pigments to ensure your safety during lip micropigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip micropigmentation is done under local anesthesia to reduce the pain and discomfort. However, everyone’s threshold for pain is different, but we take care to make all our patients as comfortable as possible.

  • Restores lip color
  • It makes them look prominent and fuller
  • Hides pigmentation and scars
  • It makes the lips more defined

Getting a retouch done every two years keeps your lip micropigmentation color from fading.

It can be lightened if you have issues with the color and shape after lip micropigmentation. It is highly recommended to get it done by a professional.

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