Breast Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad: Redefine Offers the best Breast Lift Surgery In Hyderabad with 13+ years Experienced Breast Lift Surgeon. We are one of the leading Breast Lift Surgery Centers in Hyderabad offering affordable Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad. Also known as Mastopexy.

Breast Lift Surgery is about raising the breasts level and size by extracting some fat and excess skin. Nearly every 2 out of 5 women undergo breast lift surgery. In many cases, women face issues with areola becoming enlarged over time, so undergoing the breast lift is the right way to get the result. Undergoing breast lift surgery from a reputed surgeon will help in rejuvenating your figure in all sense, and also will give you a youthful look. The finesses and firmness which your busts get after surgery will certainly work for long term. Redefine Provides Breast Lift in Hyderabad.

However, breast lift surgery limits itself from significantly changing the size of your breasts and upper part of your body. It is important to have consultation with the surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

Why Breasts Lift is done?

As the age of the women increases, there is a dramatic change in the overall figure, especially the shape of breasts. There are many reasons behind it-

  • Pregnancy- During pregnancy, the ligaments supporting breasts stretches and get fuller. This stretching might contribute towards the sagging of breasts after pregnancy.
  • Weight Fluctuations- Changes in the weight causing breast skin to stretch

You may even consider undergoing the breast lift surgery if your breast starts sagging, nipples pointing downwards and breasts falls lower than the other.

Preparing for breasts lift surgery-

To prepare for the breasts lift surgery, you need to first consult with the surgeon. Our surgeons will provide complete details about the surgery process and preparation for the same. To prepare for the surgery, you will be asked to-

  • Undergo lab tests
  • Take medication and present medical history
  • Get baseline mammogram before the surgery
  • Avoid smoking, drinking, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs
Road to Recovery-

After the surgery, our surgeons will provide the complete details on medications and care to taken for faster recovery. You will need to wear elastic bandage and support bra that will minimize the swelling during the recovery process. Moreover, you will be asked to follow up with the surgeons for first few months. You can speak to our surgeon and put all your questions to them.

Our Process-

We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre ensure that women who come to us for the breast lift surgery get the best treatment. We undertake proper consultation process by explaining them about the complete surgery process and the costing. Our customized treatment package will help you to decide the right method and cost for the same. We are backed with certified surgeons who deal with these cases successfully. So connect with us now and get your busts in shape for life long.

Frequently asked Questions

A women requires a Breast Lift if she has

  • Moderate to severe drooping breasts
  • The nipples pointing downwards
  • No skin is visible under the areola when looked straight on
The breast augmentation procedure is to add volume to your breasts while a lift corrects the droop. Your breasts appear fuller and firm after you have undergone an augmentation. However, in the long run if your breast seems to droop due to aging or weight loss, you might opt for a lift.
No, it is not mandatory to go for a breast lift after you a reduction surgery or removal of implants. The need of breast lift depends on the condition of the breasts.

Yes, both the procedures can be combined while doing breast lifts. Breast augmentation procedure combined with implants will give you fuller and well-toned busts. Even the nipple and the areola are shifted upwards to give a more youthful appearance to the breasts.

A proper breast lift can help you red rid or shagging breasts resulting from weight loss, pregnancy, aging or genetic trend.

  • Swelling, redness, soaring, scars and itching are common after this procedure
  • You might also experience mild pain and numbness
  • Your breasts will be dresses with gauge and little drains may be instilled to remove excess fluid
  • You will be advised to wear a surgical bra for a few days till breasts heal completely.

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