Laser Treatment For Freckles

If you haven’t heard about Freckles and Laser Treatment for Freckles, then we bring you with all the required information. Freckles are basically circular or small marks on the skins, which gives darker tone than the normal. This happens due to over exposure to the sun. They can start appearing from the small age, but increases as the age grows and isn’t exposed to any treatment. In fact, they start spreading in different areas including hands, shoulder, and face. If you have a white skin, the freckles are clearly visible in the respective areas.

Why do they appear?

If you are living in the region where the summer rays are too high and increased surface of UV rays, then freckles can take place.  In short, Freckles are caused by UVA (Ultraviolet Rays) and UVB (Ultraviolet Rays B) radiation, which activates melanocyte cells to increase the melanin production.

There are two types of Freckle-

  1. Ephelides freckles emerge during summer season when skin gets exposed to heavy sunlight. These freckles are light brown and fades during winter.
  2. Lentigine freckles are darker and doesn’t disappear when sun goes in

Many people like to remove these freckles right from its early stage to ensure it doesn’t increase as the time passes. This is when laser treatment for freckles is undertaken which is done by surgeons having good knowledge of using laser.

How does the laser treatment works?

There are two different types of laser treatment undertaken-

1. PicoSure Focus Lens Array-

The PicoSure Focus Lens Array (FLA) is designed microscopically concentrate powerful energy of PicoSure on small areas of tissue. FLA redistributes PicoSure pulse into microscopic patterns of ultra-high fluence focusing on regions which are embedded into low fluence.

2. RevLite-

RevLite laser treatment is when the application of particular light wavelength, absorbed by pigment in freckles. The light which emits is known as PTP (PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse) breaking the freckle pigments.

What Results you must expect?

The result of laser treatment for freckles can be seen within 49 hours of the treatment. However, after few days, freckles completely go away. Each type of treatment will take approach 1hr depending on the size of the freckle the face has and treated. Our surgeons at redefined plastic surgery & hair transplant center use modern technique that makes the treatment process effective. RevLite treatment takes 20-40 minutes, whereas PicoSure FLA treatment will take 15-30 minutes.

Our Process-

We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant center conduct the treatment only after proper consultation with the patient and the severity of the condition. We would be discussing about the cost of the treatment and after effects. We have a customized treatment plans to help you choose the best one and undergo the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Laser Treatment for Freckles targets the melanin of the skin. Some amount of the laser light is absorbed by the pigment deposits. This results in breaking down of the pigments which get exfoliated naturally after sometime.

Redefine You provides the safest and most effective Laser Treatment for Freckles in Hyderabad.

Immediately after the treatment, we will notice the change in the colour of your freckles. They will start getting darker and darker till they fall off. Sometimes, you may not see them falling off but just observe them become lighter. They will become less visible after each session.
Normally 4-5 sessions are necessary for desired result. However, it may vary depending upon the magnitude of the freckles.
You can see the effects last for about a year. However, people whose skin is more exposed to the sun might see the re-emergence of the freckles faster. You need to undergo a maintenance procedure at least once a year to stop the re-emergence of these spots.

Yes, this procedure works for all, provided one does not have a tanned skin.

There are barely any side effects, except for mild swelling or redness.

Our skin care expert at Redefine U will help you with your complete skin care plan.

To know more about the laser treatment for freckles or book an appointment, call us today.

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