Birth Mark Removal In Hyderabad

What are Birthmarks?

Any mark, spot, discoloration or bump that is present in or around the time of birth on the skin. This is represented in multiple forms that are red, pink, brown or purple patches in varying sizes and appears in any part of the body. We providing Birth Mark Removal In Hyderabad.

The major causes of birthmarks are an abnormality of blood vessels that are present over the skin and the clusters of melanin (pigment) in the skin. Our elders give these birthmarks cute names like angel’s kisses, stork bites, or beauty marks. Though there are no serious disorders found in relation to these birthmarks, haemangioma that are simple and complex, congenital melanocytic naevi (CMN), Salmon patches, Strawberry marks, Cafe-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots, Congenital moles and many more.

There are natural ways to clear birthmark temporarily with lime juice, but medical intervention always be a permanent cure for any problem as such.

Mole & Birth Mark Removal Treatment Hyderabad

What are the different Birthmarks treatments?
  • Laser surgery
  • Skin camouflage
  • Skin graft

These are the major treatments that reduce the appearance of birthmarks.

Laser Surgery:

This is the single treatment option for port wine stains, The most common type of laser treatment that is followed is the pulsed dye laser treatment. Based on the shape and size of the birthmarks the treatment with laser is restricted.

Camouflage Makeup:

This is done to cover up the birthmark and make it disappear.

Skin graft:

This is required only when the appearance is changing and a large mass of skin is peeled off, then this skin graft will be used to patch that area and make it comfortable for the patient to get an elegant appearance.

Our Approach:

Our motive at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre is to cure the problem of our patient and make them feel comfortable when they leave back home. So the major treatment what we used to follow is to remove the laser method for better and permanent results. We also see to it that there is very less scar mark in such cases. We sit with the patients and explain all the procedures and condition along with the treatment plan in detail to give patients a comfortable environment that is rich with a positive future of brightness.

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