Dermal Fillers in Hyderabad

One of the biggest problems that people have to suffer that is associated with old age is facial appearance distortions that are caused due to wrinkles, facial lines, loss of volume on the face and development of skin folds and creases.  Extreme exposure to pollution, UV rays, and others largely contribute towards the rise in facial problems. These issues arise out of the loss of Collagen in the skin which in turn leads to loss of Volume in the face. This causes people a lot of distress and loss of self-confidence. Everyone wants to look young and beautiful for as long as possible and as such they look for solutions such as Botox and Facelifts. But there is an alternative to these procedures that is nowhere as risky as Botox, nor is as expensive as a Facelift. This alternative is Dermal Fillers. We provides Affordable Dermal Fillers in Hyderabad.

Everything about Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are injectable fillers that are used to give your face a plump look by making up for the loss of subcutaneous fat that is lost due to age progression. They are used to help your face to achieve a smoother appearance by getting rid of wrinkles and facial lines. A Majority of Dermal Fillers is temporary, lasting for about six months post which they are absorbed by the body. The effects of Dermal Fillers are twofold:

  1. They restore the collagen lost in the body due to the ageing process.
  2. They stimulate the body to produce its collagen which results in natural healing of the skin.

Dermal Fillers are manufactured out of Biological Nontoxic sources and as such they are very safe to use. The time required to administer the procedure may last between 20-30 minutes making it a safe and easy procedure. The best part about Dermal Fillers is that they generally have very minimalistic side effects if any such as slight swelling and bruising which are resolved quite instantaneously.

Before & After:

Our Approach

At Redefined Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center, our experienced doctors speak with the clients and help them understand the procedure well. You are able to appreciate the art and science behind the procedure and are able to get the best possible care at very reasonable prices.  We explain everything in details to make you mentally prepared for the process. We give a transparent approach to every treatment undertake at our clinic. So contact us now and get all the details before undergoing the Dermal Fillers treatment.