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An increasing number of men and women are seeking hair transplants in Mumbai.

About Redefine Hair Transplant Clinic

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. It is India’s financial capital, also known as the New York of India. Living in this commercial and entertainment hub means leading fast-paced, hectic lives while always trying to look your best.

Therefore, thinning hair or a receding hairline can be very upsetting and make us feel anxious and less confident.

Fortunately, there are solutions available. Please visit Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center for a reliable and effective hair transplant in Mumbai.

Founded by Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center is a state-of-the-art hair transplant clinic in Mumbai. Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is primarily based in the Hyderabad facility and is a visiting consultant in the Mumbai branch.

However, he has placed the Mumbai clinics operations under the expertise of our Medical Director, Dr. Sourabh Vyas. Dr. Vyas is a renowned Trichologist & Cosmetologist and is often regarded as the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai.

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Types of hair transplants in Mumbai

We are among the most preferred facilities for people considering a hair transplant in Mumbai. Among the various hair restoration options that we offer for both men and women, the most common are FUE, Bio-FUE, and PRP.

FUE extracts the hair follicles directly from the scalp, as opposed to the conventional FUT technique, which entails extracting a strip of skin to obtain the hair grafts. Therefore, unlike FUT, FUE Hair transplant in Hyderabad gives outcomes that look natural and does not leave any visible scars.

The FUE process operates as follows:fue hair transplant

  1. The highly-skilled trichologist, Dr. Sourabh Vyas, will shave the hair in the donor and recipient areas of your scalp.
  2. He will remove the healthy follicles from the donor area with the help of a micro punch tool.
  3. The surgeon will make a sequence of tiny incisions, using a needle or small sharp tool, in the area where the extracted follicles will be transplanted.
  4. He will insert the extracted follicles into these incisions.
  5. Finally, the surgeon will clean the area and bandage it for recovery.

Bio-FUE is an improved FUE technique that combines a biological strategy using the patient’s blood.

In the Bio-FUE procedure,

  1. The surgeon separates the patient’s blood from the hair follicles and inserts them in a growth factor solution.
  2. The surgeon will administer the final growth ingredients straight into the treatment area.

Dr. Sourabh Vyas explains that the purpose of using the patient’s blood in the Bio-FUE technique is to provide strength and vitality to the newly implanted hair. Numerous growth factors, including regenerating cells, are present in human blood, and these cells are essential for blood coagulation and a faster healing process. We can get long-lasting, natural-looking effects using Bio-FUE. Dr. Sourabh Vyas has performed several Bio-FUE transplants; his patients frequently call him the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.

PRP therapy typically involves 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Follow-up treatments will be needed every 4-6 months for maintenance.

There are 3 steps to PRP treatment in Hyderabad:prp treatment

  1. The doctor will draw blood from you, usually from your arm, and place it in a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that rotates rapidly and separates fluids of various densities.
  2. After roughly 10 minutes of being spun in the centrifuge, the blood will have divided into the following 3 layers, namely:
    • red blood cells
    • platelet-poor plasma
    • platelet-rich plasma
  1. A syringe is used to draw up the platelet-rich plasma, which is subsequently injected into the scalp’s balding spots.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Typically, the cost of a hair transplant can range between ₹50 – ₹100 per graft, with each graft containing 1-4 follicles.

If you want to know the hair transplant cost in Mumbai, please consult with the highly experienced hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Sourabh Vyas. He will assess your hair loss condition and discuss the various treatment options and cost with you.

The cost of a hair transplant in Mumbai depends on various factors, including:

The Clinic

A significant aspect affecting potential costs is the clinic you select for your treatment. Mumbai offers options for everyone, from modest neighborhood clinics to upscale, elite facilities.

The Technique

The cost of using the most recent techniques would unquestionably be higher than the use of conventional methods.

Total Number of Grafts

The balding area that requires the transplant and the number of grafts required to cover the patch effectively will have a significant impact on the price. Sometimes even if the treatment area is small, more grafts are needed, which drives up the final price. For example, even though the eyebrow area is small, an eyebrow transplant can require 50-100 hair grafts.

The surgeon you choose

Any form of cosmetic surgery takes experience and subject-matter knowledge to provide excellent outcomes. A surgeon with this level of experience would bill more and employ the most effective therapeutic method to deliver remarkable results.
Hair Transplant Cost Calculator
Hair transplant cost in Hyderabad at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center starts from Rs. 60 per graft for an FUE & Bio Fue hair transplant. Each graft contains around 1 to 4 hair follicles.

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About Redefine Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Harikiran

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Our founder, Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, established the first Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center in 2014 in Hyderabad. Subsequently, he opened a sister facility in Mumbai in the year.

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is an expert plastic and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad dedicated to positively impacting people’s lives. He has over 19 years of experience and operates primarily in Hyderabad. He often travels to Mumbai as a consultant.

Dr. Sourabh Vyas

Our Mumbai clinic is headed by Dr. Harikiran Chekuri and administered by Dr. Sourabh Vyas, an expert in Hair and Skin treatments. He is a highly accomplished Trichologist & Cosmetologist and has been practicing for over 10 years in the field of Trichology in Mumbai.

He completed his medical graduation in 2009 and his Trichology course in 2011 from Indo Canadian National Academy. He has treated more than 3000 patients till now.

Why choose Redefine Hair Transplant in Mumbai?

We have established a gold standard for high-quality hair transplant treatments, using cutting-edge hair restoration methods to produce unmatched natural results. Our clinic uses the most up-to-date tools and technology and the highest levels of comfort to provide the most comfortable experience for our clients.

With extensive training and confidence, our plastic surgeons in Mumbai offer surgical and non-surgical procedures as per your requirement. The proficient hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sourabh Vyas, and his team of specialists will assist you in correcting your thinning or balding hair. We will be by your side throughout the process, from the first consultation to post-surgery, to ensure the outcome is excellent.

Connect with us right away to learn more about our hair transplant procedures and learn all the specifics about our affordable treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone experiencing hair loss must visit their usual doctor to have any underlying issues that may be causing the hair loss looked into as the initial and most crucial step. Medications, stress, and diseases that are treatable are frequently to blame for hair thinning. So it would be incorrect to assume that surgical treatment is the only option.

The customer should wait to have a hair transplant if they are young since the pattern of hair loss needs time to mature.

Any person who has a hair transplant may have some adverse effects following the operation. After the hair transplant, many patients will suffer the common side effect of scalp redness. The microscopic incisions made on the scalp during surgery to allow hair to be harvested and reinserted as needed are the cause of this redness.

Prospective hair transplant patients occasionally worry about the discomfort they could feel during the treatment, but in contrast to many other cosmetic surgeries, a hair transplant is relatively painless. There is no pain at all, especially when using the FUE technique. As the scalp is administered with a local anesthetic, the patients are awake but unlikely to experience any pain. The only discomfort that they may feel during a hair transplant is when the local anesthetic is being injected.

A hair transplant surgery and healing requires time, just like any surgical procedure. Since no scalpels or stitches are used, there are no large wounds that take a long time to heal. The hair transplant procedure that was chosen will have a significant impact on the recovery period.

The rear of the scalp will have a lengthy linear wound if you go in for the FUT Strip technique. The stitches will be removed after 10-14 days because the healing process takes an extended period.