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Hair loss is a widespread hair problem experienced by almost 99.99% of men and women worldwide. The difference is between average hair loss and abnormal hair loss. Losing 50 to 80 hair every day is typical. However, if the number increases, it is a cause of concern that needs medical attention. 

 Are you suffering from hair loss and looking for the best hair loss treatment in Hyderabad? Then you have visited the right place. Redefine Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most effective hair loss treatment in Hyderabad. At Redefine, you will receive the best possible and most advanced hair loss treatment by Dr. Harikiran Chekuri. 



Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is renowned for his expertise in hair transplant in Hyderabad. Dr. Harikiran Chekuri is the founder of Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre. He is a skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

Initially, Dr. Harikiran will evaluate your scalp and the severity of hair loss. Accordingly, he will suggest the most suitable and effective hair fall treatment in Hyderabad for you. 

Let’s discuss the,

Types of Hair Loss Treatments

Redefine offers a wide range of hair loss treatments in Hyderabad. However, the treatment is based on the severity of hair loss. The hair loss treatments are categorized as:

1. Topical treatment or oral medications

The hair specialist will prescribe topical or oral medications if the hair fall is associated with any medical condition. Topical medications such as minoxidil, finasteride, flutamide can help prevent hair loss.

2. Non-surgical hair loss treatment

PRP therapy:

It is one of the tried and tested hair loss treatments. If the hair loss is moderate, PRP treatment can work efficiently. It helps prevent hair loss and stimulates the hair follicles to develop new hair.


It involves injecting the scalp with herbal extracts, vitamins, or hair growth medications. It improves the blood supply in the scalp tissues and stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth.

Regenera Activa:

It is a simple, painless, and advanced hair growth treatment. It is based on capillary regenerative therapy. The treatment involves injecting the scalp with a particular solution containing stem cells derived from the patient’s blood, growth factors, and progenitor cells. It stimulates hair growth; hair thickening and prevents hair loss.

Scalp rejuvenation:

It is a simple and non-invasive hair loss treatment that encourages the growth of healthier and denser hair. It includes stimulating the hair follicles to promote hair regrowth and fasten the healing of the scalp.

3. Surgical hair loss treatment

Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation involves extracting hair follicles from the back of the scalp and implanting the strands to the area requiring a hair transplant. Redefine offers the most advanced hair transplant techniques such as FUE and Bio-FUE

Please keep reading to know about hair loss, its types, different hair loss treatments, and more.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is usually described as the loss of hair from a specific area of the scalp. Hair loss occurs due to several reasons, including nutrient deficiency, environmental factors, heredity, and certain medical conditions.

Now, let’s know the different types of hair loss: 

  •  Alopecia areata:

It happens in a short span and causes patchy hair loss in both men and women. With proper treatment, patients with this condition can reverse hair loss.

  • Male or female pattern baldness:

This type of hair loss is common in both men and women, which occurs due to heredity.

  • Telogen effluvium:

It is a hair thinning problem that occurs as a result of alterations in the hair growth cycles. As a result, more hair enters the shedding phase causing hair loss, resulting in hair thinning.

  • Anagen effluvium:

This type of hair loss results from increased chemical exposure during treatments like chemotherapy. Here, the hair will grow back in two to three months.

Patient Feedback for Hair loss Treatment

What is the Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Hyderabad?

The hair loss treatment cost in Hyderabad depends on the type of treatment needed, the doctor’s expertise, and the clinic’s location. If the patient’s hair loss is severe and causing baldness, the hair expert may recommend a hair transplant. Ensure that you opt for the clinic which provides most reasonable hair transplant cost in Hyderabad.

Book an appointment at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre to experience hair regrowth with non-surgical hair mesotherapy treatment in Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

The curability of hair loss is determined by the degree of hair loss. Hair loss can be treated and restored in a matter of days if it is detected early. If the hair loss is chronic and severe, it can take 4 to 5 months for the treatment to show effects.

To gain desired results, a patient must undergo one or two sessions, depending on the severity of hair loss. If the hair loss is severe, three or more sessions are needed to achieve adequate hair growth and a natural appearance.

Yes, absolutely. Hair taken from the healthy donor areas in the back and sides of the scalp is genetically engineered to continue developing for the rest of the life. As long as the donor follicles are healthy, the transplanted hair will continue to grow.

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