Lip Reduction Surgery In Hyderabad

Some people feel that their lips are too large and are very self-conscious and unhappy with their appearance. Fortunately, for such people, lip augmentation or lip reduction surgery is the best option. Many men and women undergo lip reduction in Hyderabad to increase the size of upper and/or lower lips.

Are you looking for reliable and cost-effective lip reduction surgery in Hyderabad?

At Redefine Plastic Surgery Centre in Hyderabad, we offer advanced and affordable lip reduction surgery cost. Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, the founder of Redefine and a reputed plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, performs lip reduction using modern and result-oriented techniques.

Find out more about what to expect from lip reduction surgery to decide if it is a good fit for you.

What is Lip Reduction Surgery?

lip reduction surgery in hyderabad

Individuals who have larger and normal lip sizes undergo lip reduction surgery. Many people feel embarrassed with larger lips and usually avoid social interaction. However, this surgery is not only done for cosmetic purposes.

In many cases, a person with this problem can have impaired oral function and seal between the upper and lower lips resulting in drooling. People with drooling can have speech patterns that may bring down their self-confidence.

To get positive results from lip reduction in Hyderabad, you need a professional surgeon, and we at Redefine have experienced plastic surgeons.

How much does Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

The lip reduction surgery cost in Hyderabad, India, varies between Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000. The cost of lip reduction depends on the experience level of your doctor, practice location, anesthesia type, and amount of tissue removed.

Health insurance plans usually do not cover this procedure because it is a cosmetic treatment.

Now, let’s see,

Who is Suitable for Lip Reduction Surgery?

  • Treatment is available to those whose protruding lips interfere with their ability to speak and chew.
  • A person qualifies if they experience speech and other issues due to large lips.
  • People can also get this treatment if they want to look better or have had an unsatisfied lip augmentation procedure previously.

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What are the Steps of Lip Reduction Surgery?

lip reduction

  • We at Redefine conduct lip reduction surgery only after examining the patient. Our surgeon will provide complete details about the surgery procedure, cost, and after-surgery effect. This will help the patient to be prepared mentally and financially in advance. 
  • This treatment is done using modern tools and methods. To make you pain-free, the surgeon first uses local or general anesthesia for the surgery. 
  • Lip reduction surgery involves removing skin tissues from the lower or upper lips, sometimes both. The entire lip area is reshaped in this manner.
  • The surgeon makes a horizontal incision in the pink inner part of your lip during the procedure. It lessens scarring.
  • Then, the surgeon removes extra tissues and fat to reduce the lip’s overall volume.
  • The aim is to level the size of lips, hence improving the appearance.
  • After removing all the targeted tissues, the surgeon uses stitches to close the incision. 
  • Generally, the entire surgery is completed within an hour. However, if required, the surgery may also conduct other parts of the treatment depending on the result. 

Recovery After Lip Reduction Surgery 

  • After a few days of swelling and redness, you should be able to speak and move around more easily.
  • The sutures may need to be removed, and your lips may not fully recover for a week or two. Although it might seem a lengthy period, the recovery time is much shorter than other cosmetic procedures. Generally speaking, you should plan on taking a whole week off work.
  • Additionally, your doctor may prescribe over-the-counter painkillers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Your doctor might advise putting ice packs on your lips while recovering. 
  • If your postoperative symptoms persist for more than two weeks, consult your surgeon

Side Effects of Lip Reduction Surgery 

  • The lips are among the most sensitive parts of your body, so working with an experienced plastic surgeon is essential to minimize your risk of side effects.
  • Our surgeons offer complete details about the post-surgery effect. Generally, the patient may face swelling and bruising for some days. 
  • During this, the person may also face issues while consuming food. The surgeon will provide treatment details to recover soon.

If you want to reduce the size of your lips permanently, lip reduction surgery might be a good option. Before going overall, discussing possible risks and necessary expenses with your doctor is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lip reduction is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces the volume of the lips to produce a smaller, thinner pout (making them less full). Despite being a surgical procedure, it is not unsafe or painful.

According to the marking, the surgeon removes the mucosa and supporting tissues. Dissolvable stitches are then used to close the incisions, erasing any visible scars. After the procedure, you can immediately return home.

Most lip reduction surgeries are outpatient procedures, allowing the patient to leave the hospital and go home the same day. Approximately a week later, the stitches are removed. Within a week or so, people can go back to their jobs. The best surgical results are typically noticeable two to three months following the procedure.

The effects of a lip reduction procedure are typically long-lasting. It helps someone with large lips feel and look better and get over oral health issues. However, lips can occasionally become too thin. In such circumstances, a patient might need to undergo lip augmentation.

This procedure is unsuitable for anyone who smokes frequently and is not in good health. Before determining whether a patient is a candidate for the surgery, the surgeon will thoroughly examine them and review their medical records. People who have unrealistic expectations are ineligible for this procedure.

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