Arm Lift Surgery In Hyderabad

Arm Lift Surgery In Hyderabad

Are you conscious of the way your upper arms look? Does the loose, sagging skin keep you from wearing certain clothes and hide them behind long sleeves?

Well, we are delighted to inform you that you do not have to live with arm fat indefinitely if you are one of the many people who have done everything to reduce the size of your arms but have failed, despite following a good diet and exercise regimen.

It is possible to get leaner, firmer, and sculpted arms with minimally invasive arm lift surgery in Hyderabad at Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center.

Till recently, people had limited options, one being Brachioplasty. It is a cosmetic surgery for arm fat that involves a long incision and a visible scar.

But with newer advancements in medical science, doctors can tighten the arms and reduce the fat without leaving behind any visible surgical scars.

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, one of the best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad and the founder of Redefine, offers excellent treatment options to remove stubborn fat deposits with VASER Lipo and Laser Lipo. These procedures are growing in demand as they are less invasive and more accurate.

Isn’t it great!

Read on to know who can opt for surgery to remove arm fat and its cost.

Types of arm lift surgery in Hyderabad

VASER Lipo and Laser Lipo are keyhole surgeries, where the procedure is done through a tiny incision. You will be allowed to go home the same day as they are outpatient procedures. Our highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons use dissolving stitches to close the wound so that they melt away on their own.



VASER Lipo (vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance) is a more gentle and controlled form of liposuction that uses powerful ultrasound waves to break down the bonds between the fats cells and separate them from deeper tissues so that they can be easily suctioned away during the procedure.

This surgery to remove arm fat helps tighten the skin, thereby slimming down your arms.

Laser Lipo


Laser lipo is a highly targeted, non-surgical treatment that uses lasers to melt and remove stubborn pockets of extra fat from your body while contouring and tightening your skin. It is an effective surgery for arm fat. The doctor will deliver the laser by inserting a thin probe through a tiny entry point.

Who is eligible to undergo surgery for arm fat?

Arm lift surgery in Hyderabad is mainly performed on people who wish to improve the shape and contour of their upper arms. Both procedures remove unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat.

The suitable candidates for the procedure are:

  • People who have not achieved physical goals despite changing one’s lifestyles.
  • Are fed up with the body’s resistant fat deposits.
  • Are comparatively healthy and fit.
  • Have realistic and reasonable expectations from the procedure.

How much will it cost for surgery to remove arm fat?

The cost of arm lift surgery in Hyderabad at Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center is affordable compared to corporate hospitals and other centers.

VASER Lipo and Laser Lipo cost around Rs. 100000 at our plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad. However, there will be variations in the pricing from patient to patient, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the degree of sagginess.

You can visit our clinic for a consultation to know the exact cost. Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, one of the best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, will discuss your treatment goals and help you choose the best procedure to suit your requirements.

However, as arm lift surgery is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, it will not be covered under insurance.

What to expect after arm lift surgery?

Your body may appear swollen and bruised in the locations your surgeon targeted during arm lift surgery. You will not see immediate results as the body needs time to heal.

After the procedure, you will have a dressing, as there will be fluid discharge for a couple of days. The doctor will ask you to wear a compression garment for some weeks to aid with the swelling.

You can resume your normal activities the next day, but you should refrain from doing strenuous tasks or exercise for a few weeks or as advised by your doctor. Also, avoid swimming for 2 to 3 weeks as it can increase the risk of infection.


Be patient, as results will happen gradually. Your upper arms will take on their new shape after roughly 3 to 6 months, at which point the benefits will become more apparent. For some, it may take longer.

Both VASER Lipo and Laser Lipo offer a long-lasting solution. But you will have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program after the surgery to prevent your body from regaining the fat deposits removed.

Following your doctor’s instructions regarding aftercare and going for check-ups will help you achieve great results.


Why choose us?

  • At Redefine Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Center, we believe in providing high-quality, world-class care and treatment accessible to all.
  • At our plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad, we integrate patient-centric care with cutting-edge technology so that our patients receive seamless, personalized care tailored to their needs.
  • Harikiran Chekuri, one of the best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, and his team are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and straightforward treatments ethically and transparently.
  • We are one of the leading centers for arm lift surgery in Hyderabad, and our results speak for themselves. For us, patients’ satisfaction and safety are of utmost importance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be an ideal candidate for arm lift surgery if you are struggling with bat-wing arms and aspire to have contoured and leaner upper arms. You should be healthy and committed to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

The body will always be impacted by ageing and gravity over time. Thus, it is essential to know that no cosmetic procedure is permanent. After your arm lift procedure, the results should last several years, provided that you maintain a steady weight.

Weight gain or becoming pregnant following the treatment can impact the outcome.

As VASER Lipo and Laser Lipo are less invasive procedures, there is very little pain involved. Further, you will be given anesthesia before the procedure so that you do not feel any discomfort, and afterward, your doctor will prescribe pain relievers.

If you have significant loose and hanging skin, then Brachioplasty is a better option for you. But if you are dealing with mild or moderate bat-wing arms, VASER Lipo or Laser Lipo offers outstanding outcomes.

You can visit Redefine for a consultation so that our experienced plastic surgeons can help you decide the best procedure for your issue.

The arm lift surgery yields gradual results. They continue improving over the following four to six months as the tissue is healing. The length and extent of the treatment, the quantity of fat removed, and other factors all affect recovery.

Most patients who have had surgery to remove arm fat at our clinic report steady skin tightening over the next four to six months.

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