Arm Lift Surgery In Hyderabad

Old age or weight issues bring with them their set of challenges. Even if you, with the help of proper diet and exercise are able to control your weight and reduce the excess, or in case of old age, even if you are able to gain on your health, there are issues with appearance that still remain. One such issue is sagging arms, especially the patch of saggy arm between your armpits and the elbow. This may cause you unnecessary distress caused by your lack of confidence to wear sleeveless clothes in public. This is where an Arm-Lift otherwise known as Brachioplasty comes into the picture. We Provides affordable Arm Lift Surgery In Hyderabad.

At Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre, we  undertake arm lift surgery cases using modern surgery tools to ensure positive results for long term.

What is an Arm-Lift Surgery?

The Saggy underarms can cause great distress. Aging is the primary reason for Sagging Underarms. But the second biggest reason for saggy skin is the extra skin which is left post excessive weight loss. Thankfully an Arm-Lift can do wonders for you. An Arm-Lift is a form of cosmetic Surgery, which is used as a solution for Sagging Under-Arms by removing the excess skin, reducing the excessive fat pockets, and tightening and smoothening of the tissue that is underneath the skin.


The Minor Risks Involved

There are of course a couple of risks that are involved with an Arm-Lift. These risks may include:

Scarring: The areas where the incision will be made for the Arm-Lift may leave permanent scars, but the scars are in such areas that they are not visible. But these scars can have improved appearances with the help of scar removal treatments.

Uneven Arm Shape: Unfortunately, perfectly symmetrical arms are an impossibility and thus your arms may differ in shape from one to the other, though quite slightly.

Skin Sensation Issues: There might be a temporary loss of skin sensation as the sensory nerves on your skin might not have healed properly, just after the surgery. This may lead to temporary numbness.

Before & After:
Our Approach

Our Doctors at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre will sit with you and explain to you all the necessary details that are involved with the process ranging from the costs involved, the possible risks, the method for preparing you for the surgery, and how the surgery will play out itself. We do this because we believe in a personalized approach towards our patients and understand that surgery can be a scary affair for people.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a surgical procedure to removing the sagging skin from your arms. This procedure is also known as brachioplasty.

We, at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Center offer the Affordable, less time consuming and reasonably priced surgery for arm lift in Hyderabad.

A person, who is overall healthy, has maintained a stable weight for about one year, doesn’t smoke or haven’t been smoking for a considerable time period are eligible for an arm lift surgery.

The sagging upper arm skin that is some time referred to as bat wing is operated out to make your arm have a firmer and youthful look. This process involves excision (removal by cutting) of the excess upper arm skin and liposuction.

However, the time may vary depending upon the type of the surgery involved and the amount of excess skin or fat that needs to be removed.

You may experience a certain amount of discomfort but to a tolerable extent. You shall be prescribed with pain medicines for few days after the surgery.

Yes, like any other invasive body contouring procedure, arm lift surgery also involves some amount of scarring. The scar is made on the inner arms from elbow to arm pit, to reduce visibility. However, at Redefine, we offer you with post operative treatments for fast healing of scars.

However, the result may vary depending upon the type of surgery.

You can return to your regular chores after the scar heals completely. However, before you get back to your regular regime, you must have a follow up consultation with the doctor.

Still having queries? Ask the specialist, Dr. Hari Kiran, one of the Experienced plastic surgeons in Hyderabad. You may also contact the clinic directly to know about arm lift in Hyderabad.

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