Many people in Hyderabad are opting for a hair transplant as a solution for baldness and hair loss problems. Men and women who want to get a hair transplant in Hyderabad ask an important and common question: Will my hair appear natural after a hair transplant?

Yes, in today’s cosmetology world, due to the innovations in hair transplant techniques and modern technology’s used, hair after a transplant provides a natural-appearance and permanent outcome.

Experience and training have an important role in hair transplant results. It is a team effort and how the surgeons conduct the hair follicles extraction and implantation matters. Therefore, you should not worry about the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad and choose the best hair transplant surgeon.

Normally, transplanting the grafts from your donor site to your recipient site cannot provide highly successful hair transplant’s results. A successful hair transplant is that one in which no one knows that you got a hair transplant. This is based on several other factors.

Factors affecting the quality of a hair transplant

The following are all the factors that affect hair transplant quality:

1. Hair transplant surgery techniques

Everyone understands if you have had a hair transplant or not, depending on your chosen surgical method. There are two main hair transplant methods:

2. FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

FUE is the latest surgery that brings less visible scarring, which gives more natural-appearing outcomes. There is no scarring that is noticeable on your donor site.

In FUE, hair follicles are removed with a unique extraction tool and then implanted in your recipient site. When it heals, hair grows to appear natural, and you can style it as per your wish.

3. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In FUT, a strip is removed from the back of your head. Then it got segmented into individual hair follicles and implanted in your recipient site. FUT can bring visible scarring to the donor site, especially when you have short hair. So, you will have to keep your hair longer to hide the scar.

4. Hair transplant surgeon and clinic

As said above, the hair transplant surgeon, his team, and the clinic have a significant role in a successful hair transplant. The surgeon’s expertise and experience are essential factors for a successful hair transplant.

Your hair grows differently in the donor and the recipient site, so; it is necessary to implant hair properly. Technicians perform the implantation, and the head specialist guides them.

5. Angle and the direction

It is essential to implant graft in the correct angle and direction. If the direction or angle gets wrong, a hair transplant can appear unnatural.

The design of your hairline also plays an essential role in the appearance of your face. If your hairline is too high or too low, your hair transplant will look unnatural and will not fit your face.

Having a natural-appearing hairline is a must; a straight hairline can give you an unnatural appearance. If more than needed hair follicles are implanted in your hairline, it can bring a plugged look. A successful hair transplant needs to have a proper hairline through precision and skill.

6. Optimum density

If you want your hair transplant to look natural, it is necessary to attain your hair’s full thickness. Less density can bring an unnatural appearance.

7. Extraction of grafts

Your hair transplant surgeon must remove the grafts in the correct proportion and uniformly. Patchy extraction from the donor site can cause visible thinning.

8. Sufficient donor area

The outcome of a hair transplant depends on the quantity and the quality of the grafts. So, you are also a factor that may shift the outcome of a hair transplant. If you have very few hair grafts, you might not be eligible for the procedure.

Hair transplant is a one-time investment, and no one wants their hair transplant to get unsuccessful. It would be best if you chose an experienced hair transplant surgeon for your procedure.