Thick and long hair will enhance the beauty of women. If you manage healthy hair, you will pose before the audience with great confidence. It is possible to try different kinds of hairstyles as well when you manage strong hair follicles. There are certain vitamins which will enhance your hair health. You can manage thick and long hair by taking vitamins on regular basis. By supplying the essential vitamins, the metabolic requirements of hair follicles will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner. You can improve the hair growth and quality by taking vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin H

Vitamin H is also called as biotin and it is part of the B complex group of vitamins. The food will be converted into fuel with the presence of vitamin H. By maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin H in the body, you can manage healthy hair and skin as well. Vitamin H is widely used in most of the cosmetic products. The vitamin H deficiency will lead to hair loss. You can consume eggs and nuts to maintain sufficient levels of vitamin H in your body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is rich in eggs, liver and kidneys. It can be sourced from a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. It will promote good vision as well. The vitamin will promote hair growth and you can maintain the hair in the best possible way.


The growth and maintenance of hair will take place in a very efficient manner with the presence of iron. The presence of iron will ensure that all the cells will have sufficient supply of oxygen. Iron will help in the creation of red blood cells. It promotes hair growth and you can manage thick and strong hair.

Multi-vitamin supplements

You can go for scientifically formulated multi-vitamin supplements to enhance the normal health and the hair health in particular. Specially formulated extracts will supply the essential nutrients so that you can make the most of your health. Multi-vitamin supplements contain vitamin B-6, vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin H, folate, biotin, inositol, zinc, magnesium and sulfur.

As per clinical trials, it was noticed that the number of hair follicles increased with the consumption of specially formulated supplements.

Natural remedies

You can also try natural remedies to thicken your hair. It is possible to increase the thickness of hair and the appearance of hair by consuming the natural products. There are external applicants as well as internal aids through which the hair health can be very much enhanced.

You can massage essential oils such as lavender, jojoba, thyme, rosemary, grapeseed, and cedarwood oils to enhance the hair growth. These oils can be applied on the scalp and by massaging on regular basis, you can increase the blood circulation.
Oat flour can be used as a conditioner so that the brittle hair will be very much strengthened and you can manage fuller hair very easily. The raw egg can be applied to the hair to nourish it in a very efficient way.

You should avoid hair cleansing products that are made with chemicals.