Lipoma lump is a deposit of lump under the skin and it is harmless. The lump is generally formed on back, shoulders and neck. The lump is soft and there will not be any trace of pain. If you feel inconvenient with the lump, it can be removed by a Plastic Surgeon. The rubbery bulging will take place through the deposit of fat under the soft tissue of your body. One in thousand persons is likely to be affected by lipoma lumps. However, the lump can be formed in newborn babies as well.


The formation of lipomas will take place over the months or years. Most of the lipoma lumps will be less than 2 inches in size. However, some lumps can grow up to 8 inches.

Middle-aged men and women will be affected by lipoma lumps. In some cases, the lumps are formed after injury. The lumps are more likely formed in men than women. If you have a lipoma at one part of the body, there is a chance of formation of another lump at another part of the body as well.

People suffering from Madelung’s disease might get such kind of lumps. Even though the exact cause of lipoma lump is not identified by medical experts, some feel that it is a response to physical trauma. The trauma is not the cause of lipoma. It will be discovered because of the presence of the trauma.

Lipoma in families

It is believed that genetic factors will also contribute towards the formation of lipoma lump. If you are having genetic condition, you might suffer from one or more lipoma lumps.

Diagnosis and treatment:

Lipoma lumps are diagnosed through the physical examination, biopsy and imaging tests. A sample of the skin will be cut and will be observed under the microscope.

However, if you are not comfortable with the lump, you can consult a Plastic Surgeon. The Surgeon will observe the change or growth of the lump. A lump may contain some blood vessels. If the lump presses against the nerves, there will be little pain.

The lipoma lump can be removed by surgery. The lump can be cut and removed on a permanent basis. Through the liposuction method, the contents of the lump will be sucked through a syringe and needle by living very minimal cost.