The dimple surgery is thirty-minute process that is designed to help you have the best smile ever. The end result is usually subtle, but all the same, many people love the dimples created. Many people out there perceive dimples as an endearing feature. They can not only enhance your smile, but also brighten your smile, and many cultures continue to see them as an attractive part of the body.

Naturally, dimples are formed when there is space in the cheek muscle. The empty space is what creates a tiny indentation at the side of your mouth when you smile. On the other hand, a dimple creation surgery can help create natural dimples for those who do not have them yet.

Dimple Creation Procedure Steps:

The dimple creation process is done with the help of local anesthesia. The procedure is usually done in the theater. First and foremost, your surgeon will mark the exact place where the dimples are to be located, on the side of the cheeks. After that he will make a small incision created on both sides of the cheeks. The surgeon will then remove move about 3mm of muscle that is usually not found in the natural dimple. After that, the doctor uses a few absorbable sutures to create new dimples.

The doctor has to be precise when considering the depth and amount of muscle that need adjustment to create the most appealing and natural dimples. The entire process takes between 20 and 30 minutes and you are done of the best things about dimple creation procedure is that the results are faster. As soon as the medical procedure is done, you will be able to flaunt your dimples.

However, many people often wonder if the dimples will still be seen when one is not smiling. Well, you cannot see the dimples if you are not smiling. Typically, natural dimples appear when a person smiles or express a certain emotion. However, for the medical induced dimples, they can only be visible when one is smiling. For the first 14 days, the dimples may be seen at all times, but once you completely heal, this will subside.

You can get back to doing your normal work once the procedure is complete. You can also eat and drink without any complications. But you will have to wait for at least two hours, as soon as the freezing has ceased. During the first couple of days after surgery, you may experience some serious swelling in your cheeks. You may also see some bruises where the dimples are located. However, most of the time this effect is not that serious. Many patients prefer to take a day off work or from school until they are completely healed.

As you have seen, dimple creation is not a complicated medical procedure, it only takes a few minutes and the results are long lasting. Therefore, there is no risk- related issues with the procedure. However, you need to work only with a skilled and experienced surgeon for best results.