How Stretch Marks are Removed with Carboxytherapy?

Stretch marks are the small scars developed in very few areas in the body. The collagen and elastin proteins are reasons to support our skin from heals and ruptures. Irregular hormone levels can be one of the causes to develop stretch marks on the body. Rapid weight loss or muscle growth, pregnancy, and during puberty can cause stretch marks.

Are Stretch Marks Harmful to the Body?

Stretch marks neither create pain nor harm your body. They extend the streak on the skin, and the streaks do not look alike in color. These streaks can develop in multiple colors like red, pink, black, blue, and purple. Stretch marks can create distress for any person as they extend on our body.

Causes of Stretch Marks

  • Gaining Weight and Losing Weight
  • Using Corticosteroid Medicine
  • Pregnant Women
  • Genetic Disorders

Carboxytherapy Treatment for Stretch Marks

The Carboxy procedure is used to treat cellulite issues, stretch marks, excess fat, and more. For women, stretch marks are visible after 6-12 months from the pregnancy. During pregnancy, stretch marks can extend to the worst shape in terms of both size and color. After the comprehensive examination by cosmetic experts to inject carbon dioxide into the skin.

The gas is injected into the skin via a needle. The procedure does not cause any pain to the person. Carboxytherapy is a simple procedure that does have mandatory instructions but doesn’t need any strong preparation. Stretch marks are developed because of weak blood circulation. The experts inject carbon dioxide to improve the circulation in the areas.

Is the Carboxytherapy Safe

Carboxytherapy is a completely painless process that can help you deal with various skin issues such as cellulite, dark circles(under eye-circles), hair loss, etc. Patients might experience wounds at the injection spot, which will disappear in a week. Water intake should be restricted to the patients for 24 hours from the procedure.

The mild discomfort might last for 3-5 minutes during the procedure. Following a healthy diet, regular exercises, and avoiding sugar will significantly impact carboxytherapy on your body. A healthy lifestyle can create early sessions and might bring skin back to normal.

Experts are Must

Experts guidance is always essential for patients to understand more about the skin and its condition. Carboxytherapy can cure multiple issues that also need a complete skin examination before the procedure. Redefine provides exceptional service history in providing the best treatment to their patients.

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