Thick and long lashes give your eyes a mesmerizing look, which most women desire. Now, it is possible to fulfill your dream of having fuller eyelashes by undergoing an eyelash hair transplant in Hyderabad at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center.

Dr.HarikiranChekuri, the clinic’s founder,is a leading hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabadknown for his pioneering techniques, attention to detail, and keen eyes for aesthetics. He excels in all types of hair transplant in Hyderabad including, RegenevaActiva treatment, Bio-FUE, FUE, facial hair transplant, eyelash hair transplant, etc.

We have established a standard of excellence in the field of hair restoration. Our clinic blends cutting-edge technology and equipment with the highest level of expertise to ensure results that surpass your imagination.


Let us understand what an eyelash hair transplant is?

Eyelash hair transplant in Hyderabad involves moving healthy hair follicles from the back of your headto the eyelash area that is the lower and upper eyelid.It ensures a longer and fuller appearance of your eyelashes.

It is a good alternative for people who donot have enough hair on their lashes. It also offers an effective solution to those who have lost their eyelashes as a result of specific trauma, infection due to tattoo, or disease. Inaddition, an eyelash hair transplant is apt for people having genetically inadequate eyelashes.

What’s the procedure for an eyelash hair transplant?

Each eyelid requires roughly 50 to 100 hairs for a successful eyelash hair transplant in Hyderabad. The number varies depending on how much hair you already have on your eyelashes and how dense you want them to be.


Step by step process

  • The surgery is done under local anesthesia and sedation.
  • Hair follicles will be extracted from the sides of your head mainly using the FUE method. It provides quicker recovery, minimum downtime, and outstanding results without any visible scars.
  • One by one, newly harvested hair grafts are implanted into your eyelids by our expert hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.
  • Our surgeon will use a specialized eyelash transplant needle to place the grafts at an exact angle to blend with the original eyelashes.
  • After completing the upper eyelid, our surgeon will continue with the lower eyelid hair transplant. The entire procedure takes between 2 and 4 hours.


What is the recovery duration?

You will experience swelling and bruising on the eyelid area for some days after your eyelash hair transplant procedure.

However, the donor area usually recovers in a few days without causing too much trouble.

Expect the transplanted hairs to start falling out within two weeks after the surgery,and over 4 to 6 months, new hair shafts grow as a result of this.

Over time, the effects of eyelash transplant surgery will become apparent. The best way to judge the surgery’s results is to wait at least 12 months.


What are the advantages of eyelash hair transplant?

Eyelash hair transplant offers several advantages, such as:

  • You will achieve the length and density that you have always desired.
  • It provides a long-lasting result.
  • The transplanted hair looks like your natural eyelash hair.
  • It enhances the appearance of your eyes.
  • After surgery, you will never need artificial eyelash extensions again.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive with the least discomfort and pain.


What is the eyelash hair transplant cost in Hyderabad at Redefine?

As it involves your eyes, eyelash hair transplant is a very delicate procedure. It necessitates a high level of concentration and extra precaution. The cost varies from patient to patient based on a variety of criteria such as:

  • Your desired density
  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • Extreme attention to detail

Why choose Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Center?

  • We are a leading clinic for hair transplant in Hyderabad. We ranked1st in Cosmetic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Centers in Hyderabad by Times of India Health Survey, 2019.
  • Our founder HarikiranChekuri is an ace hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad with more than 14 years of rich experience.
  • His key goals are patient safety, efficiency, and privacy. His clientele includes national and international celebrities.
  • Our clinic is equipped with advanced technology and facilities that meet international standards. Our surgeons use the most up-to-date hair transplant techniques to achieve scar-free, great results. As a result, you can get an eyelash hair transplant at Redefine without fear of developing a facial deformity.
  • The entire process of eyelash hair transplantation is made simple and comfortable by our surgeons and well-trained technicians. We make certain that you receive the best eyelash hair transplant in Hyderabad.
  • Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centeraspires to deliver personalized, high-quality aesthetic servicesso that our customers are delighted.

Frequently Asked Questions

While permanency is one of the essential advantages of the procedure, it is also crucial to consider the drawbacks:

  • The cost of the treatment is more than other hair transplants.
  • After surgery, you must maintain the lashes.
  • There is a chance the procedure won’t work out.

Yes, you must clip the transplanted hair to the length you prefer. These newly transplanted hair will act similarly to the hair on your scalp. However, maintenance is simple and can be done at home.

People with less hair on their eyelashes can benefit from the procedure. Typically, people between the ages of 20 and 40 with sparse eyelashes undergo this procedure.