Why your hair breaks?

Hair breakage is different from the hair fall. If the hair is dry or brittle, it will break very easily. You should know the causes so that the best remedy can be applied to overcome it. There are certain acts which will have negative impact on hair health. Styling the hair during the wet condition will have negative impact on hair. The hair should not be pulled on a continuous basis. There are other reasons by which the hair breakage will take place.


You should be aware of causes of hair breakage so that you can overcome hair breaks very easily.

The hair should be hydrated properly. The lack of moisture will have far-reaching consequences. By using good quality shampoo and conditioner, you will ensure that the hair will have sufficient moisture.

The hair should not be subjected to hard water. The presence of chlorine and metals will harm your hair. The hair strands should not be damaged by exposing to hard water. Hence, you can use a shower head filter to overcome the issue.

Hair strands will become weak by subjecting hair to heat styling. The hair decay will take place on a gradual basis. You should avoid hair styling on wet hair and if it is unavoidable, you might want to go for heat protection products. If you are going for heat styling on a daily basis, you will want to reduce the frequency.

Certain kinds of hair accessories will have negative impact on hair growth and hair health. Hence, you should choose hair bands and rubber bands very carefully so that they will not lead to hair breakage.

Remedies :

You should go for regular haircuts so that the split ends will be removed and the hair growth will be efficient. You can manage break-resistant hair by going for regular haircuts.

Hair shafts will be strengthened with the intake of protein. It will also help in stopping the breakage. However, you should not consume protein beyond the required limits as excessive intake will lead to hair breakage.

If you are coloring your hair on regular basis, there is fair chance for hair breakage. You can go for salon-grade treatments so that the hair will not be subjected to harsh chemicals. There are hair care products which will nourish the hair and the hair growth and intensity will increase in a very efficient manner. Healthy hair will not break very easily.

You should avoid excessive washing of your hair. The scalp will produce natural oils and you should not remove them through excess washing. Strand-strengthening products can be used to improve the strength of hair follicles.

Too much brushing or combing is one of the causes of hair breakage. Hence, aggressive combing should be avoided. If the hair is wet, it should be handled in a gentle manner so that the loss of hair can be reduced.

If you go through some kinds of weight loss programs, you will experience hair breakage. However, the hair growth will be normal as soon as your body adjusts to the changes.

If you are experiencing hair breakage due to a medical condition, you should consult your doctor.