Baldness affects many men in Hyderabad. Male patterned baldnessis also known as androgenetic alopecia, typically affects males in their teens and early twenties. A receding hairline and progressive hair loss from the front and crown of the scalp characterize this condition.

The hairline recedes with time, forming a distinct “M” shape. Although baldness cannot be cured, it can be improved with procedures such as hair transplant surgery. When you go for a hair transplant in Hyderabad, the surgeon will examine your scalp to see if you are the right candidate for the surgery.


Patient Review

  • Name: Mr. Chaitu Kumar
  • Age: 29
  • Gender: Male


  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head, Bald Spots

Tests Performed

  • Physical examination


  • Grade 4 androgenetic alopecia


  • FUE Hair transplant

Detailed Description

Mr. Chaitucame to Redefine because he was experiencing baldness because of hair loss. His hair loss had reduced his self-esteem, and he was very concerned about it. Dr.Harikiran, a well-known hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad, met with the patient and performed a physical examination.

Mr. Chaitu had a genetic history of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. To increase the density of Mr. Chaitu’shair, the doctor suggested that he undergo an FUE hair transplant surgery.
Dr.Harikiran informed the patient about the benefits of an FUE hair transplant surgery, and the patient decided to undergo the procedure.
The doctor transplanted about 3600 hair grafts that would provide good density to Mr. Chaitu’s crown area.


Post Treatment Guidelines

Some of the post-surgery guidelines given by Dr.Harikiran to the patient include:


  • Maintain a safe physical distance to prevent injuries.
  • Cover yourself from heat and dust by wearing protective clothing.
  • Take your prescription as directed on a daily basis.
  • Take a couple of days off.


  • Do not itch or pull the hairs that have been transplanted since it affects hair growth.
  • For at least one week, do not consume alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking as it will affect hair growth
  • Avoid heavy lifting, swimming, and other strenuous activities.

Patient Feedback

This is what Mr.Chaitu had to say after his treatment:

“I am writing this review after 10 months of surgery. I had hair transplant surgery on December 2019 and now the growth is very good. No side effects and the doctor took good care of me. Hospitality is very good and staff were very friendly”


Post Hair Transplant Surgery of Mr.Chaitu

Post Hair Transplant Surgery of Mr.Chaitu