We know that hair is an integral part of your personality. So, balding can become a major turn-off and affect your confidence. Even though hair loss is genetic, you can prevent it with a hair transplant.

The hair transplant surgery is not life-threatening and does not have any severe side effects. You must also remember the result of the surgery is based on the hair transplant surgeon’s experience.

These days many people are opting for a hair transplant in Hyderabad. Yet, they do not know the necessary questions they must get answered before opting for the procedure.

Most of them are aware of the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad. However, they do not know that there are many other factors to be considered as well. So, before you have decided whether you should get a hair transplant, think about the things we have mentioned below:

Whether you are the right candidate

It is important to understand what makes you the right candidate for a hair transplant. If hair loss is stable, then you are the right candidate for the treatment. Having stable hair loss is necessary because the hair transplant procedure does not stop progressing hair loss.

Also, do not opt for a hair transplant at a young age. You are the right candidate for a hair transplant if your hair loss has just begun. It can cause hair reduction at a quicker rate.

Have realistic expectations

When you are going for a hair transplant, you should expect your hair regrowth to be different. A hair transplant surgery is performed based on the hair’s density in your donor area. Similarly, a hair transplant does not promise thicker and denser hair.

Cost of a hair transplant

If you are planning to get a quality hair transplant, the expense is on the higher side. A hair transplant needs an experienced hair transplant surgeon and technicians.

If the price of a hair transplant is the main factor guiding your thoughts about the procedure. It differs from person to person based on many factors. Think about how it fits your budget. Remember, an inferior quality hair transplant can have severe consequences.

Experience of your surgeon

Planning your hairline is essential to get an unnoticeable hair transplant. Your hair transplant surgeon’s experience is vital in this step. Similarly, the method used to extract the grafts and the surgeon’s skill plays an essential role in having the right hair transplant.

The type of hair transplant surgery – FUE or FUT

You will have to choose which hair transplant surgery, FUE, or FUT you want to select. The difference between FUE and FUT is in how your donor’s hair is extracted from your scalp.

Visit your hair transplant specialist to learn more about the techniques in detail and which one is right for you. Remember, each technique of hair transplant has a different cost.

Whether a hair transplant is permanent

Before going for a hair transplant, you must do your research about hair transplant techniques. Since your hair is extracted and implanted into the bald areas, it will make the hair transplant a permanent procedure. Note that once you start a hair transplant, you need to go through the entire procedure.

Post-surgery precautions 

When you are getting ready for the treatment, remember that it will take time to get back to your daily activities. You will have to rest and take care of your transplanted scalp. You must follow all precautions your surgeon gives after the hair transplant surgery.

You will have to sleep on your back, so your head does not touch anywhere. It is because the site where transplantation occurred has weak follicles, which can get damaged. You can use a shower cap while taking a bath to protect your follicles.

Once your transplanted hair starts to grow, you can treat it as your regular hair. Note that transplanted hair is like your natural hair.

Hair transplantations bring back your confidence after you have had hair loss. You can style your transplanted hair as you want after it grows. Also, once it achieves full growth, you do not have any special care. You can wash and treat hair your transplanted hair just like your normal hair.

All you need to do is get an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad and have realistic expectations.