Baldness affects many men in Hyderabad. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as male patterned baldness, mostly affects young males in their twenties. A receding hairline and progressive hair loss from the front and crown of the scalp characterise this disorder.

The hairline recedes with time, forming a distinct “M” shape. While baldness cannot be cured, it can be improved with procedures such as hair transplant surgery. When you go in for a hair transplant in Hyderabad, the surgeon will examine your scalp and see if you are a good match for it.


Patient Review

  • Name: Mr. Raghu C
  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Male


  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head
  • Bald Spots

Tests Performed

  • Physical examination


  • Grade 3 androgenetic alopecia
  • Genetic history


  • FUE hair transplant

Detailed Description

Mr. Raghu came to Redefine of baldness and hair loss. His hair loss was causing him a lot of anxiety, and it was affecting his self-esteem. Dr. Harikiran, a well-known hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad, met with the patient and performed several tests.

Mr. Raghu suffered from androgenetic alopecia, or grade 3 baldness. Dr. Harikiran recommended an FUE hair transplantto the patient.
Dr. Harikiran explained the procedure ofFUE hair transplant surgery to Mr. Raghu, who decided to get it done.
The surgery was performed by Dr. Harikiran. The patient required a 2000 grafts frontal implantation and 1200 grafts for crown implantation.


Post Treatment Guidelines

Dr. Harikiran advised Mr. Raghu to take it easy for a few days after the surgery. Antibiotics is also prescribed by the doctor to help avoid infection.

Dr. Harikiran gave him post-operative instructions, including not touching the hair follicles that had been transplanted. Mr. Raghu was also instructed by Dr. Harikiran to keep the follicles free of dust and dirt.

Mr. Raghu was asked to attend his follow-up appointments to assess his recovery and hair growth.


Patient Feedback

This is what Mr. Raghu had to say after his treatment:

“Hospitality was really good. Doctors and staff were always ready to help. I’ve researched about hair transplantation and consulted few doctors’ office before I’ve learned about ReDefine and I personally felt they know what they are doing.”


Post Hair Transplant Surgery of Mr.Raghu