Waist Contouring In Hyderabad

For many who carry fat laden waist or tummy visiting any place is the most embarrassing moment. Tummy with huge fat is certainly not everyone’s choice, and the area keeps growing if no surgery or treatment done over the place. Many people try dieting or workout, but not everyone is successful in getting flat tummy. So the best alternate option to for is Waist contouring surgery or Abdominoplasty. Also known as tummy tuck, the surgery helps to eliminate excessive fat around the abdomen. Most males and females witness fat accumulation in the abdomen area. The waist contouring can also be achieved with options available like- ultrasonic liposuction, conventional liposuction, and excision. We offer Waist Contouring In Hyderabad.

If you are looking to undergo waist contouring surgery, then we at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre conduct the surgery for those who want to bring down the fat tummy.

Waist Contouring Surgery In Hyderabad

How is waist contouring surgery performed?

There are different procedures conducted in waist sculpting to remove excessive fat and skin from around the waist using modern surgical tools. Our surgeons aim to tighten the skin over cellulite-ridden areas and make the texture look smooth. Areas that are covered under waist contouring surgery-

  • Abdomen- In and around the abdominal region and the lower back
  • Buttocks- Unevenly buttock region
  • Groin- Lower abdominal area sags into the inner thigh


Techniques we cover under waist surgery are-
  • Liposuction- Minimal invasive surgical procedure involving the tool called cannula to extract underlying fat deposits.
  • Laser- Assisted Liposuction-This advanced form of liposuction is done when the surgeon will administer local anesthesia in the waist. Surgeon uses special tool aiming laser beam at the underlying deposits of stubborn fat in the waist area.

The aim of these procedures is to remove underlying fat from belly and waist area permanently.

Our Process-
We at Redefine Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Centre conduct advanced methods of surgery after proper consultation and examination with the patient. Our surgeons explain patients every aspect of the surgery to ensure they are mentally prepared for the surgery.  We give specific instruction to patients 2-3 weeks before the surgery and post-surgery to ensure the result is positive.

Advantage of Waist Sculpting or Contouring-

There are multiple advantages patients can have after undergoing the surgery-

  • Attractive waist with proper shape
  • Well-sculpted middle body
  • Removal of excess and baggy skin
  • No fat belly and have smooth area

If you are looking forward to undergo the surgery for your fatty waist then connect with us now and get all the details about the surgery. Like all our surgery process, waist contouring process is done under affordable rate that will help in saving money. So connect with us now and get the surgery done.

Frequently Asked Questions

A fact reduction procedures round your waists or love handles is often known as waist contouring.

It may or may not involve surgery or invasive technologies. This entirely depends up the area of treatment and amount of fat to be removed. Talk to your specialist to know more about the process. You can get in touch with Redefine Plastic Surgery Centre to know about waist contouring surgery in Hyderabad.

This particular surgery may be opted by people, both male and female, who want to get rid of unwanted fat from some specific area of their body like waist, love handles, abdomen etc.

At Redefine, we use the proven methodologies to offer you the waist contouring surgery in Hyderabad. All our procedures are customised according to the requirements of the patient.

Waist contouring has a long lasting effect. However, it is important to maintain a proper wait to prevent re-accumulation of fat. We at Redefine, help you in every possible way to help you maintain a proper weight after your surgery.

There is very minimal chance of having any side effects, especially if you opt for a non-invasive procedure.

At Redefine, most of the waist contouring surgeries is done as a day care procedure. You may leave within a few hours. However, the doctor is the best person to decide on this. The visibility of the result may vary from a couple of weeks to a few months depending upon the type of procedure and the amount of fat removed from your body. To know more about the waist contouring in Hyderabad, call us at Redefine Plastic Surgery and Hair transplant centre.

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